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COVID-19: Free Trieste reopens its headquarters

hours and instructions to visit the office

The Free Trieste Movement – FTM (piazza della Borsa 7, Trieste, mezzanine) is reopening its secretarial office on May 12th, in compliance with anti-contagion guidelines.

To request information, it is possible contacting the office by email (LINK), on Whatsapp, and, during office hours (LINK), also by phone 040/2470772.

Documentation can be either sent by email (LINK) or left in the mailbox at the entrance of the building (to open the door, please ring to “Movimento Trieste Libera”).

However, to prevent crowds in the working space, until further notice, visiting the office in person requires scheduling an appointment (by phone or by email).

Both visitors and volunteers must wear a face mask to prevent contagion, respect the interpersonal safety distance, and visitors may only remain in the office for as long as it takes to fulfill the purpose of their visit. During this phase, the social club (first floor) is staying closed.

It is limitation that, unfortunately, are still necessary to grant our members and supporters maximum assistance while also responsibly protecting the health of us all, in the Free Territory as in the rest of the world.

Furthers updates can be easily obtained following the official social media of the Free Trieste Movement: LINK

Secretarial office of the Free Trieste Movement


Lawsuit on the Italian VAT - IVA in the Free Territory of Trieste: the Court acquires the documentation of the EU

On Tuesday, February 18th, judge Francesca Ajello of the Court of Trieste held the second hearing of the civil lawsuit of first instance No. 4227/19, initiated versus the Italian Government due to the application of the Italian Value Added Tax to the territory and to the port of Trieste (LINK).

The lawsuit is initiated by the International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste – I.P.R. F.T.T. with the support of more than 360 citizens and enterprises. Due to the extraordinary number of claimants, the discussion had to take place within the Trieste Court of assizes.

The appellant have lodged a copy of the intervention submit by the I.P.R. F.T.T. on 8 February as part of the EU procedure State aid SA.38399 (2018/E) Corporate Taxation of Ports in Italy, which revolves on Italian taxation (LINK). For this reason, the judge acquired the new documents and scheduled the next hearing on 20 October 2020.


The Free Trieste Movement is going to collect new adhesions to the lawsuit until October. For further information: LINK

For further information, read also the article published by La Voce di Trieste and by Il Corriere di Trieste: LINK | LINK


International Free Port of Trieste: Italian Government and Port Authority summoned before Court for breaches of law and for agreements with China

Trieste, 14 January 2020 [F.W.]. The International Provisional Representative of the Free Territory of Trieste – I.P.R. F.T.T. has summoned before Court the Italian government, some of its Ministries, and some of its bodies, including the Port Authority and the Municipality of Trieste, under accusation of violating the legal status and tax system of the Free Territory and of its international Free Port, which exists to provide for the trades and manufactures of all States, without discriminations (LINK).

The present-day Free Territory of Trieste, established by the 10 February 1947 Treaty of Peace between the Allied and Associated Powers with Italy, borders with Italy and, since 1992, with Slovenia; since 1954, it is sub-entrusted to the temporary civil administration of the Italian Government by the Governments of the U.S. and of the U.K. as primary administering Governments on behalf of the UN Security Council, and it does not belong to the European Union (LINK).

The I.P.R. F.T.T. is an Agency established in 2015 by delegation of citizens and enterprises of the Free Territory and of other States (LINK). In particular, this one lawsuit regards the violations of the international Free Port regime that are committed by the Italian administration with illegal housing speculations at the expenses of the Northern Free Port, with the illegitimate collection of Italian taxes on fuels, gas, and electricity, as well as with an illegitimate strategic agreement between the Port Authority and the PRC (LINK).

The Italian Government is legally bound to grant the correct management of the international Free Port of Trieste under both international and domestic Italian law. for this reason, the lawsuit is open before the Italian judges who serve their duties in the Court of Trieste as well as being open to the adhesion of all citizens, enterprises and investors from the Free Territory or from other States who are willing to support it directly, as provided at art. 105 of the Italian Code of Civil Procedure.

This is the third civil lawsuit initiated by the I.P.R. F.T.T. against the Italian Government. The previous two, supported by more than 800 citizens and enterprises, regard the illegal collection of Italian taxes and payment of the Italian VAT within the Free Territory of Trieste. The paperwork for interventions in all three lawsuits is done by the offices of the Free Trieste Movement.


The Free Trieste Movement is a legalitarian organization established in 2011 to protect the present-day Free Territory of Trieste - FTT, an independent, sovereign State with an international Free Port, established on 15 September 1947 under the expected provisional regime of Government, entrusted, since 1954, to the Government - not to the State - of Italy. Its head office is in Piazza della Borsa 7, Trieste...

FREE TRIESTE MOVEMENT  - official English website

This subdomain is the intenrationional section of  the website of the Free Trieste Movement,  and it does also host the English version of blog "Ambiente e Legalita" - "Environment and Legality" by Roberto Giurastante.


This section hosts the main press releases  about the actions of the Free Trieste Movement to re-establish legality in the Free Territory and in the Free Port of Trieste.