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Trieste commemorates its Austro-Hungarian fallen on 11 November 2018


On Sunday, 11 November 2018, at 11AM, in the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery of Prosek-Prosecco, on the Karst plateau of Trieste, takes place the traditional public commemoration of the Fallen and of the Soldiers of Austria-Hungary (army, navy, aviation) of Trieste, of the Littoral and of all brother folks involved in the 1914-18 World War.


The ceremony is held in different languages, with Christian (Catholic, Evangelical, Serbian-orthodox, Greek-orthodox), Jewish and Islamic rites.


The commemoration is organized by the Movimento Civiltà Mitteleuropea – Srednjeevropska omika – Civiltât Mitteleuropee – Kulturgemeinschaft Mitteleuropa and by the Movimento Trieste Libera – Gibanje Svobodni Trst – Bewegung Freies Triest – Free Trieste Movement.


The military cemetery is not far from Prosecco, following the Provincial road to S.Croce-Križ, in the dolina in front of the deer park, and it can be reached from Trieste by bus 44.


The Free Trieste Movement is a legalitarian organization established in 2011 to protect the present-day Free Territory of Trieste - FTT, an independent, sovereign State with an international Free Port, established on 15 September 1947 under the expected provisional regime of Government, entrusted, since 1954, to the Government - not to the State - of Italy. Its head office is in Piazza della Borsa 7, Trieste...

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