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From Trieste an administrative an criminal complaint versus Equitalia

The form for the legal suspension of enforced recovery is manipulated

Trieste, 11 April 2016 – On April 11, the Free Trieste Movement - FTM has presented to the competent amministrative and judicial Courts a documented administrative and criminal complaint versus the heads of the “Equitalia S.p.A”, the state-owned company that is also the concessionaire for the collection of taxes on behalf of the State of Italy. The denounce sent from Trieste regards the alleged crimes of fraud in public deeds, abuse of office, fraud and extortion, at the expenses of white categories of natural and legal persons.

The reason of the complaint is that the companies of the Gruppo Equitalia force the citizens and the enterprise to present the requests of suspension of enforced collection with a standard form, provided by Equitalia itself, even if the law does not prescribe it (Law No. 228/2012, State Budget, article 1, paragraphs 337-344) omitting the whole, wide category of the “other cause of non-enforceability of the collection of the debt” established by law (paragraph 338, point f), therefore preventing tax-payers from exercising it.

According to the complaint, this is a case of manipulation of official acts in order to allow Equitalia to illegale enforce the collection of taxes also in the cases that falls under the causes of non-enforceability that are deceptively left out. The organization that denounced it mentions the special case of taxes o the State of Italy that are levied in the Free Territory of Trieste, entrusted since 1954 to the Italian Government under a mandate of temporary civil administration, but the problem does also involve the whole territory of the Republic of Italy, except for Sicily, where Equitalia is not active.


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