3.14.2015: stop illegal Italian taxes

Stop illegal Italian taxes: the beginning of

the fiscal liberation of the Free Territory of Trieste

The Movimento Trieste Libera – Gibanje svobodni Trst – Bewegung Freies Triest – Free Trieste Movement presented today (March 14th) during a press conference, its campaign for the “Fiscal Liberation of the citizens and enterprises of the Free Territory of Trieste”, about the following points:

No taxation without representation: in 1776, the United States of America declared their independence to pay their own, right taxes and not these imposed by the United Kingdom, which did also deny to the American colonies political representation. And the USA opened in the free port of Trieste their second embassy in Europe.

Today it is the Free Territory of Trieste which demands to pay its own, right taxes, not the abnormal taxes imposed by Italy, which treats it like a colony, denies its political representation of independent State, suffocates its free port and destroys its enterprises to favor Italian ports.

Under international law the Free Territory of Trieste must have its own accounts and taxation, it is only temporarily entrusted to the Italian Government and is exempted from the payment of the Italian public debt. Instead, the administering Italian Government pretends that Trieste is a province of the Republic of Italy and it forces it to pay taxes to the State of Italy, which are very heavy due to Italy’s enormous public debt: 130% of the gross domestic product.

To this day, the entrusted Italian Government and the Republic of Italy, which is a third State, have given back to the Free Territory of Trieste only the 10% of the value of what they have subtracted to it in taxes, missed opportunities to develop, the shouting down of its primary industries – like the shipyards – and  the abandon of the Northern sector of the international Free Port.

The legal struggle for the “Fiscal Liberation of Trieste” has begun on March 6th, 2015 with the lodging of the acts for the hearing of March 17th before the Tax Commission of Trieste, where the Free Trieste Movement can demonstrate the legal status of the Free Territory of Trieste as an independent State, as well as the absolute illegality of the collection of the taxes of the Republic of Italy in Trieste.

This is not a subversive action against Italy or others. It is a legitimate legalitarian action conduced by peaceful means, before the Courts of Justice and the Organization of the United Nations, to restore international legality and the rights of the Free Territory of Trieste, of its citizens and its enterprises, which are now violated by corrupted Italian political authorities.

Trieste has become an independent sovereign State and an international Free Port at the coming into force of the Treaty of Peace of Paris of 1947, in force. The Treaty did also establish its provisional government with a special trusteeship assigned to the Commandos of Anglo-American troops, which created the structures of State and the fiscal system of the Free Territory of Trieste. But in 1954 the special trusteeship was handed over to the Italian Government, which took advantage of this role and of the Cold War to simulate that the Free Territory of Trieste had passed under the sovereignty of the Republic of Italy.

This is how the current Free Territory of Trieste, which is one of the seven little independent and neutral States of Europe, has the only international Free Port of both the Mediterranean Sea and Europe, as well as having no public debt, was paralyzed and illegally forced to pay Italian taxes, double the owed amount, and this causes the ruin of its citizens, families an enterprises.

By now, the situation is so compromised that to economically survive, Trieste must urgently restore its representativeness as a State, pay only its own taxes and develop the international Free Port working side by side with all the Countries holding rights on that, from the USA, Russia, China, India, to these of the European hinterland.

Because the international Free Port of Trieste is destined to the tax-free trading, storing and manufacturing of the goods of all countries, and its management should be under the supervision of the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, Russia and other successor States of the USSR, Slovenia and other successor States of Yugoslavia, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary.

Already in 2013, the Free Trieste Movement notified to the administering Italian Government a «Complaint and formal notice of Default», which has also been sent to the Security Council of the United Nations, the international guarantor of the Free Territory, but also to the USA, Russia, China, UK, France and other concerned States.

The Countries are now paying more and more attention to this case, while the Italian Government attempts to deny the legal existence of the Free Territory, to repress the dissent and to completely paralyze the international Free Port to divert the traffics from central-eastern Europe on the southern ports of the Italian peninsula controlled by the mafias, which are powerful enough to control politics as well.

(See map: Port_Deviation)

This is why the Free Trieste Movement has prepared the legal document with which any citizen or enterprise of Trieste can defend itself and the whole Triestine community to react to these devastating injustices, even with a class action. And, the more we will be, the better we will corner Italian authorities, who are now illegally robbing all of us, our families and our enterprises.

Whoever will join the campaign for the Fiscal Liberation of Trieste is authorized to use, to defend itself, the documents produced by our Movement at an affordable price (for free in case of serious economic difficulties) as well as to receive a collective legal support.

The document: Tax_Commission

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