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Joining the Free Trieste Movement

Becoming a member of the Free Trieste Movement has a minimum cost of EUR 20 Euro; all supporters older than 18 can join. To become a member it is enough filling this form and returning it to the Secretary Office of the Free Trieste Movement - FTM,  in Piazza della Borsa 7, Trieste:

Office hours:

Moneday - Friday: 9.30AM-12PM; 4PM-7PM.

Saturday afternoon: 9.30AM-7PM.

Membership lasts one year (12 months since subscription),  and all members are welcome to become  activists, helping Free Trieste to raise awareness about its many legal actions: it is thanks to its volunteers that Free Trieste has become a biggtest political organization in Trieste. 

Per scaricare e leggere il documento:

Click here to download the subscription form